Greenwood Heights Fennel

Floor Plan

  • Floor Area: 43 SQM
  • Lot Area: 80 SQM

Standard Features

  • Living Area
  • Dining Area
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet and Bath
  • Porch
  • Service Area
  • Provision for Carport


  • Painted Plain Cement Finish with Stone Cladding at From on Exterior Walls
  • Plain, painted finish on interior walls
  • Fiber Cement board, Painted Finish on Partitions
  • Laminated Vinyl Planks on Floors
  • Fiber Cement Board, Painted finish on ceilings
  • Pre-painted roofing panels (without Gutter) on roof
  • Aluminum Sliding Windows
  • Ceramic Tiles on Toilet and Bath
  • Plain Cement, Painted Finish, combination of Ceramic Tiles on Walls (T&B)
  • Ceramic Tiles on Kitchen Countertop
  • Fabricated Kitchen Base Cabinets
  • Plain Cement in the Porch and Service Area
  • Provision for 1 Telephone Outlet, One Aircon Hole and outlet at Bedroom


Fennel Model House

Fennel Model House
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